Monday, 18 March 2013

TCA Peels And Its Effectiveness On Skin

TCA peels are widely used by many and suggested by many skin care experts for removing blemishes and skin problems. But are they effective enough.

TCA peels, which imply trichloroacetic acid peels which are chemical peels, supposed to rejuvenate and repair damaged skin. They are known to work effectively on skin discoloration issues, for the reduction of fine lines and to ease out skin texture. These peels are also known to physically peel off, so they will require around a week of healing.

One needs to know thoroughly about these peels before venturing to apply the same to your skin. These peels are medium depth peels, having a medium strength of 8% to 30%. The concentration of the acid is not as high as the content in other chemical peels. These are known to be deeper peels than the lactic acid peels or even the glycolic acid peels. A 12.5% TCA peel gets skin to peel continuously peel for days sometimes while a 75% concentrated glycolic acid peel wouldn’t get you too peel your skin layers easily.

TCA peels bring out the best skin tone by reducing hyperpigmentation especially dark spots or ugly acne marks. They even help in reducing sun spots and freckles which might crowd on your skin and even cause discoloration of skin. They help in enhancing the dull-looking skin and get the skin to look incredibly soft and smooth. They have deep exfoliating characteristics and can remove congested pores in a trice thus refining the skin in the end. Unfortunately, they have not always produced good results while treating acne scars. 
They can erase wrinkles and treat sun damage effectively. 

These peels can be used in different parts of the body - the face, neck, or hands. They can be used as spot peels too. They give better results compared to glycolic acid peels, but more of the same stuff is guaranteed to give best results. These results usually work for more than 6 months and if used with glycolic acid peels they give better results.

TCA peels of different concentrations can be acquired from a local dermatologist or even a known plastic surgeon. Some are available as at-home peels. But they are not to be taken easily since they pose risk if proper instructions are not followed.

If you've never experienced using such peels before, it is important to use it with the help of professionals who will be able to each you the entire process of applying the peel. After you get used to getting peels done and the method to take care of the skin then it is okay that you want to try a TCA peel at home. 

The high concentration peels which have a concentration of more than 20% are the best ones if administered by a well-known skin specialist. One should avoid high strength TCA peels at first since your skin needs to get used to weaker peels to build up the skin's tolerance.

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